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Why Should You Let JT Autospa Polish Your Car?

If you care about your car at all, you will likely be very selective when it comes to who you let work on it. Polishing a vehicle’s paint is an art and if not done correctly, it can severely damage it. That includes aggressive machine marks being left behind or even the paint being burned right off. This is why it is important who you choose to polish you car.

Depending on the severity of the car’s current paint condition, various different steps can be taken to achieve a better than showroom shine. An experienced detailer will know exactly what those steps are and will apply them to gain maximum results from the polishing job. An inexperienced detailer on the other hand will likely make the paint look worse than it did before the detail. Or they could possibly just cover up the paint’s imperfections with a heavy silicone based swirl remover. This type of polishing product does not actually correct the imperfections within the paint but rather hides them and just makes the car appear shiny. If you actually look closely under good lighting, you will still see the swirls and scratches. The shiny effect will last a week at most and then you’ll be left with a car that looked the same as before.

Next time you want to get your vehicle polished, ask the shop exactly who will be doing the polishing and what is their experience level. Also ask to see what products they are using and get them to allow you to rub a little sample between your fingers. It’s easy to tell which polishes actually correct the paint and the ones that don’t. A good quality leveling polish will feel dry and somewhat pasty. The cover up polishes will feel greasy. You can also tell by looking at the ingredients label because a real polish will contain Aluminum Oxide and cover up ones generally don’t.

Here is a good close up example of a Carbon Black BMW 740i that we polished. You should be able to see the huge difference in the before and after conditions.

Before And After Polishing

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