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The Latest And Greatest JT Autospa Website Is Here!

I know over the past few months there have been quite a few website changes and updates. Well this one is final – I hope. At first I thought it would be smart to have the website separate from the blog therefore JT Autospa had basically 2 websites. Well in terms of search engine optimization, I was correct, but in terms of the practicality of updating both, I was wrong. So now what you’re looking at is a fully integrated blog/website combo!

Not only will this be less confusing to our clients, it will just be more convenient overall. Here you may use our online order form, read the latest updates on the blog or browse through the photos in our upcoming media gallery (coming next week). Also on the list of post-launch additions will be a detailing news page in which I will be covering general detailing news from around the industry.

I don’t want to give away the farm on this one however there will be some new developments happening at our shop next week and they will be great improvements to our cozy little business.  I’m sure you guys will enjoy them as well. Don’t worry, I will send out an update once we get finished doing what we’re doing!

Also, please be sure to check out our September special! I also wouldn’t mind some feedback on what you guys would like to have as specials as well. Perhaps there are some ideas that I’m overlooking. I also would like to encourage you to “Like” us on our Facebook page since I will be providing special deals to those people exclusively. So take advantage of it!

Justin Anfinson
- Owner, JT Autospa

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