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Classic Lines

Two days ago we had the honor of detailing quite a remarkable car. It was a 1974 Mercedes Benz 280 C. This is definitely a car not seen on a daily basis nor are there a whole lot left in the world – especially the coupes.

Naturally, a complete detail was requested for it and rightfully deserved! It was a huge enjoyment to be able to lay hands on such a classic to restore its brilliance. The job literally took all day and tremendous care had to be taken with the car but this job really was the epitome of auto detailing.

The detailing process started out with an engine bay shampoo. Normally on a car like this we’d just use the hose however this classic had a ton of grease under the hood so we opted to use the pressure washer but very sparingly to limit water saturation. The motor was kept hot and running during the shampoo phase as well. The wheels and whitewalls were cleaned next and the body was given a hand wash. The 280 C was then taken inside the shop for a clay bar treatment which to my dismay appeared like it had never been done! What a shame! Since so much ground in contaminants came out of the paint during the clay bar process the car got a second hand wash afterwards.

After that it was hand dried and the interior got a full horse hair brush scrub down with a light citrus cleaner and then conditioned. The carpets were steam cleaned and the windows were cleaned spotlessly with a sans-ammonia cleaner.

Once the interior was complete we moved onto the paint. While the paint appeared to be in rough condition, there wasn’t a lot to work with. First of all it was a one stage base/clear style paint which is typical to cars of this age but secondly it was very thin. This meant that a polish could be done on it but with extreme ease. So we did a very light polish on it and then followed up with a hand Carnauba wax.

I’ve thrown in some photos of the end result for your viewing pleasure!

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