Boat Detailing Services

Boat Detailing Specialists

Boats are a huge investment and as such, they should really be taken care of. We offer a full range of marine reconditioning services to cover your boat head to toe. Our professional detailing staff is experienced in all the different forms of boat detailing. So rest assured knowing that your boat is in the right hands because we strive to surpass your expectations. If you have a power boat that is 34′ or smaller, we are able to transport it with our truck and tri-axle trailer to our shop. The same goes for a 40′ or smaller sailboat.


Our Boat Detailing Services Include:

    • Pressure Washing
    • Cut Polishing
    • Waxing
    • Interior Ozone treatment (removes all tough interior odors)
    • Interior Shampooing
    • Canvas Shampooing
    • Bottom Painting
    • Hull Painting
    • Teak/Wood Refinishing
    • Leather/Vinyl/Fabric Repairing And Upholstering

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We would like to encourage you to use our online order form to request a quote as each boat generally requires a custom tailored detailing package to suit its needs correctly. Alternatively, you may email us directly as well.