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Beautifully Detailed And Heavily Modified BMW E92 M3

This wondrous ride just came into the shop yesterday from our good friends at Drivehard Performance here in Richmond. They bring all of their cars to us for detailing since most of them have modifications coming out of the ying yang and we happen to be great when it comes to handling these sorts of cars.  A lot can go wrong (very quickly) when detailing modified cars if you’re not experienced and since the owner of JT Autospa has had modded BMW’s most of his life we’ve built the reputation of being a “mod safe” detailer in Vancouver. Custom rims, body kits, engine bay work and custom paint are all safe in our hands.

Back to the car now! Since this car just got completely wrapped in fresh white matte vinyl, we couldn’t polish it unfortunately. We gave it a nice soft hand wash and rinse with a garden hose (pressure washers and vinyl wraps don’t play well together). Next, the wheels had to be washed 3 times with a mild degreaser since we could not use any harsh wheel cleaners on this particular paint finish which didn’t have clear coat.

The interior got a freshening up with a hot shampoo and carpet extraction and the seats were cleaned and conditioned in 2 steps. The cleaner was a citrus based one and we used a mink oil product for the conditioning.

During the wash phase, we also shampooed the engine bay leaving the carbon fiber trimmings looking impeccable. The intake venturi was sealed up with saran wrap to prevent water from getting in.

So why was this car detailed? Simple! It was going out after for a night photo shoot! It’s nice to see our hard work going to great use! Enjoy our photos!

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