Automotive Detailing Services

Automotive Detailing Specialists

Check out our 4 great premium detailing packages and 2 standard packages! They were designed to target the exact service you need at the price you can afford! We are so confident in our quality that we are willing to warranty our workmanship 100%! Let the professional detailer’s at JT Autospa take care of your vehicle while upholding your expectations.

Premium Packages

West End Package $49.99*

This package is for the casual laid back life styled person who has the desire to take care of their vehicle but does not want to break the bank.

Included in the package is a soft hand wash, chamois hand dry, wheel, wheel well and tire cleaning & conditioning, window cleaning, thorough interior/trunk vacuuming and dashboard/door panel wiping. The door and trunk jambs also get a degreasing treatment.

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Robson Street Package $299.99**

This is where it all comes together giving your car the entire luscious spa treatment it deserves. This is the true definition of a complete detail.

A combination of the Yaletown and Coal Harbour packages with a few added perks is what this detail is. The Robson Street Detail starts out with a lustrous sudsy hand wash, wheel well and wheel cleansing which is complimented with an engine compartment shampoo and conditioning. A soft chamois hand dry comes next followed up with a clay bar treatment to remove any contamination on the vehicle’s paint leaving it smooth to the touch. The exterior side of the windows are also smoothened to improve visibility and water beading ability when raining.

A hot steaming Maraschino Cherry scented interior carpet shampoo is done along with all interior panels, cup holders, vents and dashboard receiving a citrus based cleansing. Windows get a streak free cleaning and the leather seats get cleaned using a gentle citrus cleaner and Mink oil conditioner. Compressed air is used to blow out anything under the seats and hard to reach places. Trunk space is scrubbed and shampooed as well.

The vehicle’s paint is then treated with a swirl free machine polish that will restore its finish leaving a lustrous glass-like impression. A smooth creamy Brazilian Carnauba wax is then applied and taken off by hand to ensure maximum gloss and protection.

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Yaletown Detail Package $149.99**

As the name describes, this one is the trendsetter of style leaving your ride smelling clean and fresh inside.

Focusing mainly on the interior, the vehicle receives a thorough scrubbing of all of the door panels and dashboard. The leather is cleaned and conditioned in 2 steps using a fresh citrus cleaner and Mink oil based conditioner with all carpets and fabrics receiving a hot Maraschino Cherry scented shampoo treatment. All vents, cup holders and crevices are meticulously scrubbed as well. All of the soil gets blown out from underneath the seats with compressed air ensuring that there is absolutely no dirt left in the car. Trunk shampooing is also included and windows are cleaned and streak free.

Exterior wise the vehicle will be softly hand washed and hand dried along with the wheels, wheel wells, tires and door jambs being cleaned.

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Coal Harbour Package $149.99**

Portraying a sharp image is what this package is all about. It really does redefine love at first sight.

The exterior of your ride gets a full spa treatment. It starts of course with a soft hand wash including cleansing of the door and trunk jambs. The wheels and wheel wells are thoroughly cleaned and the entire car gets a chamois hand drying. Next, the paint receives full care and attention starting with a clay bar treatment that will leave the paint smooth to the touch removing any surface contamination. A swirl free polish comes next that will restore the look of your paint to a glass-like finish followed with a hand applied Brazilian Carnauba wax to provide a final layer of paint protection.

A complimentary interior wipe down, trunk/interior vacuum and window cleaning is also provided.

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Standard Packages

Wash & Vacuum Package $19.95

Looking for a quick and inexpensive cleanup? Look no further!

Your vehicle will be gently hand washed, get it’s wheels cleaned and then have a thorough hand dry. Tire dressing will be applied after to add the finishing touch! The interior carpets and trunk will also then be vacuumed.

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Wash & Wax Package $99.95

Get the curb appeal put back into your vehicle with this explosive package!

It starts off with your vehicle being gently hand washed, door jambs degreased and the wheels getting a thorough cleaning. The paint then receives a clay bar treatment to remove surface contamination and smoothen the paint. A soft hand Carnauba hand wax is applied next. Tire dressing will be applied to finish of the sparkling new look.

The interior will be vacuumed, the windows will get cleaned and your dashboard and door panels will be cleansed with a citrus cleaner.

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Additional Services

  • Cut Polishing (removes all surface scratches)
  • Experienced in all aspects of vehicle reconditioning
  • Full vehicle wetsanding (removes the orange peel effect from paint finish)
  • Interior Ozone treatment (removes all tough interior odors)
  • On site leather, plastic, vinyl repair and refinishing
  • On site body refinishing and repainting
  • Wheel refinishing
  • On site paintless dent removal
  • Paint touch-ups

* +$10 for Trucks/SUV’s/Vans
** +$50 for Trucks/SUV’s/Vans
Dog hair removal and extra dirty fees may apply