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All Professional Detailing Supplies 10% Off!

For the month of September I have decided that I will offer a 10% discount on all professional detailing products that I stock and can order quickly. Basically everything that I have in stock right now is just about everything that someone would need to maintain their vehicle at home.

These products are purely professional and are a cut above what you would find on store shelves. You cannot buy this stuff from any big box retailer. This is why I want to make it available to the general public. The quality really is better and you get more usage out of the products since they are highly concentrated and do not come watered down.

The prices shown are the regular retail price and you will receive 10% off of that price. If you are not local to the Greater Vancouver area, you are welcome to email me at and we can arrange payment and shipping details.

  • Auto Magic Wash & Wax – $14.95
  • Auto Magic Swirl Remover – $14.95
  • Auto Magic Body Shine (quick detailer) – $19.95
  • Auto Magic Special Cleaner (interior cleaner) – $14.95
  • Auto Magic Magic Dressing (tire dressing) – $19.95
  • Auto Magic Strawberry Wet Wax – $14.95
  • Auto Magic Banana Wax – $14.95
  • Auto Magic Dress-it Right (interior dressing) – $19.95
  • Sprayway Glass Cleaner – $12.95
  • Clay Magic Clay Bar Kit – $39.95
  • Auto Magic Awesome Gloss – $14.95
  • Auto Magic Power Foam (interior cleaner) – $14.95
  • Sprayway Mink Oil Leather Cleaner/Conditioner – $14.95
  • Sprayway Aerosol Deodorizer (baby powder, cinnamon, tropical fruit, apple) – $14.95
  • SM Arnold Black Applicators – $3.25
  • SM Arnold White Applicators – $2.95
  • SM Arnold Yellow Applicators – $2.25
  • SM Arnold Microfibre Cloths – $2.25
  • Spun Gold Wash Mitt – $15.95
  • Original Sprite Chamois – $22.95

By the middle of the month, I do plan on bringing PRO products into stock and will announce them when I do to provide my customers with more options!

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